The hidden architecture of higher education

Full Title: The hidden architecture of higher education: building a big data infrastructure for the 'smarter university'
Author: Ben Williamson
Journal: International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education
Location: United Kingdom
Publication Date: 2018
DOI:  10.1186/s41239-018-0094-1

Overall, this article is about setting the UK up for better (new?) methods of collecting and using student data. It appears there is a mandate the sharing of data between/among academic institutions.

What I found useful. For myself. Not necessarily you.

1. This article shows the move toward this type of data collection, and that it has value

2. References to what this articles calls 'fluid data,' which is "generated trough the increasingly digital way a student interacts with their university." I've seen this written about elsewhere and it has been difficult to define. Nobody seems to be talking about it (though another article ((which I will find)) makes references to Grey Data in much the same way).  

Interesting Quotes

"HE data infrastructures are not just technical programs but  practical relays of policy objectives to reform the sector." ... "In  this sense, data infrastructure constitutes a hidden architecture for  marketization in Higher Education."

Some suggestions of why we would use data to be market-driven and customer-focused: "In  this context, the UK government has begun considering the ‘the role of  big data and learning analytics for universities, including targeted  marketing of prospective students, improving retention and personalising  learning experience for individuals’ (Westminster Higher Education  Forum, 2017)."

Future ideas?

"Bricks to Clicks" study -

Dean's Dashboard has numerous case scenarios on the challenges of combining institutional data -

Orgs to look at: IHEP / PostsecData

Federal post-secondary student-level data network?!?!?!

On UK HE Data

Big Data, Little Data, No Data - on bigger picture data stuff at the university (read sometime in the future)

There are a number of books I added to Want to Read, including:

  • Digital technology and the contemporary university: Degrees of digitization, Selwyn, N (2014)

The UK's Data Futures thing:

Deloitte, Redesigning the higher education data and information landscape (it's possible I met this guy)

Redesigning the information landscape. He's talking between schools, but it's a similar application to what I want to do with similar needs/problems.

Blog to read later

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